About Susana González....

Susana González has been an independent photojournalist for a little more than two decades, chronicling world events in more than a dozen countries, including Cuba, Panama, Venezuela, Nicaragua, Guatemala and her native Mexico.

From her office in Mexico City, González has contributed to such international news agencies as Getty Images, Reuters, Bloomberg, Agence France Presse, Knight Ridder Newspapers and Deutsche Press-Agentur, among others.

Never content to just shoot news events, González art transports the viewer to the heart of the story, whether it’s photographing the beauty of a cacao farm or capturing Zapatista rebels struggling for indigenous rights in Chiapas. She has covered presidential elections throughout Latin America, the historical transformation of the Panama Canal, the travels of Pope John Paul II and the social cost of Mexico’s drug violence, among many other events. 

Today, she continues her work as an independent photographer, tackling new inspiring projects. “What I love most is taking photographs in the most creative way possible,” she said. “It’s a challenge I most treasure.”